Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rakyat Untuk Malaysia

Friends tell me I have been more political of late. I say, I haven't changed one bit. Malaysians are very cunning in that they would rather not let anyone know of their political leanings. Ask ourselves, why are we scared to say which party we support? Why is that kind of fear prevailing among us? When one side controls or owns the mainstream media, be it popular dailies or TV stations, that in itself is a powerful weapon. 50 years is a long time, how many more decades do we have? For this CNY holidays, talk to your relatives and friends, make sure they vote, I don't mind if they vote for BN but as long as they vote. Stand and be counted.

Some people say we are not certain of the opposition knows how to govern. Governing is not difficult. I am not saying PKR will be a wonderful government, but at least something different for a two party system to evolve. Even if PKR does a bad job, when/if BN returns they will at least come back as a "better alternative".

 ... but just look at the sacrifices, sufferings, humiliation, victimisation suffered by Anwar, Guan Eng and Kit Siang, just to name a few ... why are they doing what they do, for whom are they doing all that ... and if we still have the heart in us to just keep quiet and be a bystander, then for sure the country is going to the dumps. We cannot be selfish and let others do the fighting for us while we stay on the sidelines and reap the benefits while others are championing for our rights and justice. We have but one life, we have but one country, let's move forward together.