Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Do You Think?

The market knows exactly when to screw the most longs and when to kill and bury the most shorts. It will possibly do the exact opposite what most people agree on. Do you remember the debt ceiling drama of last year? I do because I was burnet. Everyone expected and knew that the Republicans and Democrats will ultimately agree at the last moment and the debt ceiling will be raised. We all expected the share market to continue the rally of the previous week. The market was up till then. And then, Boom.  The market tanked big time after the debt ceiling was raised. Looking back I now realize that the boat was loaded too much on one side and that’s why it sank.

So what it will be this coming week? Will Greek bailout sail out of the gate? What is your take? Since it is a long weekend, why not send some well thought out comments. Looking forward to it.