Friday, February 24, 2012

Classic Value-Momentum Investing Candidate

I wrote about Ewein back in November which had a run then and then fizzled out. Over the last few days, volume and price activity have perked up significantly again. Will that fizzle out as well? No one knows. Sometimes, we have to note these momentum driven plays (with good fundamentals), sometimes it may take more than one run to "confirm" things. A stock may run on news of certain corporate developments, but as we all know the germination of an idea takes time to execute. Maybe this run is a better prelude to a proper move, I might be wrong again, but considering that the share has not had a significant run for more than a year, its a calculated good bet.

Key levels, 99 sen, its 4 week high and 1.15 its 52 week high.

24/02/20120.9250.92 - 0.9750.965+0.04 (4.32%)1,213,900
23/02/20120.890.88 - 0.930.925+0.035 (3.93%)1,011,300
22/02/20120.840.835 - 0.8950.89+0.05 (5.95%)764,100
21/02/20120.8050.825 - 0.850.84+0.035 (4.35%)60,600
20/02/20120.990.80 - 0.840.805-0.185 (18.69%)28,600
17/02/20120.990.00 - 0.000.990.00 (0.00%)0
16/02/20120.8050.79 - 0.990.99+0.185 (22.98%)15,100
15/02/20120.830.78 - 0.8050.805-0.025 (3.01%)25,100
14/02/20120.840.79 - 0.830.83-0.01 (1.19%)5,100

Previous write up back in November 18, 2011:

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