Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Little Piggy Went To The Market ....

How bullish is the market? Obviously some of it looks to be engineered. The wonderful stories accompanying DRB Hicom, Gamuda, Tebrau ... stories that evoke dreams and esoteric pricing. Then there are the penny mania. To be fair not all are devoid of fundamentals.

I like the developments in Green Ocean, which I think is an exception to the usual penny mania run ups. Nextnation just announced the contract with PT Inovisi, another relatively genuine game changer.

Markets running so hot, I am loathed to mention any specific stocks as it takes little brain power to locate gains. In fact, the dumber you are, chances are you will make supernormal gains trading ruthless and reckless penny counters. Just be careful to run and trade vigilantly.

How long can this go on? It seems at least till the end of February, making the likelihood of a May/June election likelier.