Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Political Leanings

It has been said again and again that if you want to do business, don't get too involved in politics. Readers of this blog will surely be aware of my political leanings. However, after having heard the stupid MCA hired guns asking stupider questions, I have to say something. 

As a Malaysian who happens to be Chinese, I cannot for my life accept why some chose to stay in MCA (other than for very personal reasons which we all know but need not elaborate). To me it is akin to be a "running dog". Ask yourself sincerely, how can you be an MCA person, ... and I am not even talking about Malaysian Chinese interest alone, if you are really sincere about your kids' future, and the kind of Malaysia you truly desire.

I salute LGE for smiling throughout, rising above the "staged mayhem".