Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Vote Won't Count

"My vote won't count" ... that is the most irresponsible statement one can make. Even if you are voting in a constituency where its overwhelmingly one sided already. If you do not vote, and Pakatan comes to power, can you in your conscience celebrate together? 

Aren't you sick and tired of the threats? Some of the younger voters may even say "The politics is in shambles, I will not vote as a protest", that is another bullshit statement. All the more reason we should vote. You cannot say something is not right and just shrug your shoulders. 

 Another group may say, "Well, I am not affected either way". Yes, you are and you will be. Just because you have not been a victim or know someone who has been a victim does not excuse you for having that view. 

Sooner or later, we are affected, in fact, we are affected already even if you have a cushy job and your family is in the upper middle class with little monetary worries. How do things affect you? 

When your fellow citizens are leaving in droves because of varied reasons, it depletes the average brain power and human resources of our country. If the country is not managed prudently, soon it will affect your ringgit's purchasing power, heck maybe your EPF may not be there when you want to withdraw. 

Wait till you have a legal case against the wrong people, and that the rule of law is not upheld, see if that affects you. You do not need to wait till something tangible happens to you or your family .... we are Malaysians, we should want for a fair and just country for all. Everyone is our neighbour. 

You cannot exists as an island in Malaysia or any country for that matter. It is exactly that kind of apathy that allows for injustice to prevail. We cannot say it does not affect us, by not voting we are tacitly saying its ok to rape our country and let people go free when they are guilty just because they know somebody.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your unborn children to do the right thing. Be part of the wave, the people's power, government should be scared of us not the other way around. We appoint them, like it or not. Make them know that we are not mushrooms, you cannot keep us in the dark and feed us shit. That is what happens when enough of us do not vote. Go vote and exhort all to vote, I don't care even if you are voting BN, just go and vote.