Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dear John Letter

To The Singapore Government,

I know you have people watching this election closely, and you are a bit wary. You thought that by shaking hands on a few major projects in Iskandar and the high speed rail project, both very good projects by the way, you may have helped BN to retain power. I am obliged to warn you that that is not going to happen. If they are good projects, and I think they are, they will be continued, albeit with more transparency, with a Pakatan victory. 

I believe the Singapore government is at a quandry as to which sides to choose, they cannot be seen to be choosing sides. Does PAP stands for democracy? Well, kind of, pragmatism rules first. Singapore government is the father knows best democracy, and you have done well to latch onto the best brains money could buy, who also don't mind leading a structured life. 

Though you may not say it officially, the Singapore economy has benefited enormously from Malaysian talent. Some whom have even taken up citizenship so they can buy landed properties (for those who have done well for themselves). Many still are just PR status still. Like it or not, Malaysian government has been raising, feeding young talents only to see them primed for the slaughtering to contribute to the Singapore economy. 

Safe to say maybe up to 30% of the high ranking talents in the private sector are Malaysians, and a lot more are doing the normal $2,500-S$3,000 jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do. If we take back all Malaysians from Singapore, surely the economy will suffer. Hence you are caught in a quandry, if you support democracy, you should be glad of Pakatan victory. But, you may start to lose the fluid channel of human talent in the coming years.

Maybe even in the back of your minds, you want a BN victory so that Singapore will always have a hold over Malaysia. The island state still obtains so much investments and property buying and cash stashing by Malaysians that it is not a good thing to lose, pragmatically. A BN victory may ensure continued ineffectiveness, so much so that Malaysia will have to keep selling larger and larger tracts of land to Singapore interests to fund the economy. Hey, why not take the entire state of Johor?

Sometimes you do not need to wage a war to colonise a place. You can do it with money. The Japanese tried to do it in the 90s, the Arabs are still trying to do it, and the Chinese have been trying to do it as well for the past decade. So, no difference lah.

I hope there are voices within PAP that says that a new Pakatan government will be better for both over the long run, and it will and should. 

To fellow Malaysians working in Singapore, HK, etc...,

Many of my older relatives have migrated to Sydney, in fact more than 70% of them are over there. I shall not dwell on the reasons. We all need to feed ourselves, we need to provide, we needed challenges that actually will test to see how far we can go in our career. I also know deep in our hearts we do not want to leave if things are different. 

Maybe its a little difficult for you to uproot and come back, no matter even if Pakatan wins, but at least try to come back to vote, the country needs you. I am certain you still have lots of friends, family and relatives still living in Malaysia. Its a small sacrifice for what is going to be defining moment in the history of our country. 

I know many of you will cry tears of joy when Pakatan wins, join us now, be part of the change, just for the sake of your heritage, for the place where you were born and spent a decent amount of time growing up. The country needs you now.

This is critical because we know that there are at least 400,000-500,000 Malaysians working in Singapore and HK, and probably less than 20% have taken up Singapore citizenship. Leaving around 350,000 ... even if just one third of you come back, that is a very formidable figure.

Somebody has been buying all bus tickets leaving Singapore on 4th ... for you know what, leaving many Malaysians working in Singapore not being able to come back to vote. NOW WE HAVE FREE BUSES!!!! MTT Holidays Sdn Bhd is arranging transport for those in Spore who want to
go back kl for voting. 

Pls tell all your Malaysian friends to contact

1) 02-9380 7088 (Wendy)
2) 02-8182 1838 (Jessie Loo)
3) 02-86113211 (Gan)

Pls spread the news and act quickly. Must confirm fast so that they can try to find ways to send all Malaysian back to kl for the vote.