Monday, August 12, 2013

Make That Call, Make That Trip

The long holidays just passed, for most of us in big cities, we cherish the traffic free situation as the bulk of people has gone back home. Why arent't you back? Work is work, it will always be there. 

If you have young kids, what do you wish for the most when they are older and you are much older? Too often, we think of our parents only in deep gratitude when we are much older, that is fine and fair. What do you wish for when you are much older and retired?

How often we call our parents? If you happen to be living with them, that is great. For most of us in big cities, I think the majority in big cities have our parents in our home towns. How often you call your parents?

Yes, they can be grumpy and nagging ... but think further, nagging is just their way of showing that they care cause they know not of anything better to show their concern. 

Our parents come from a different era, they may not be as "friends" with us as many of you try to be "friends" with your kids. That is not their fault, thats just the way it is. There was never a guide book on how to become parents.  They did the best they could in the culture and upbringing that they had,

If you have kids, and you possibly couldn't think of anything you could love more, thats how your parents felt about you. They may have flaws and much like all of us. In the twilight years, when all the hard labour, sacrifice are done... when the hours seem longer than 60 minutes, what do they wish for .... very much the same things you wish for when you are 60 or 70.

I don't know how many parents you have ... I have two, one has passed on. Make that call, make that trip.