Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Funnies From China

English is a hard language when its not your mother tongue ... things get lost in translation sometimes. In Malaysia it happens, in particular when we get zombies trying to do the English subtitles for movies. These are from China, in now way am I singling them out. Japanese ones are funny as well ... there are also the ones from India, Indonesia, Thailand ... but one at a time.

In case of emergency...

Freshly caught, I hope!

Can I get a fucking heart exam, too?
Some guys (assholes) should really go to the second room.

Thanks for offering.

Lonely Planet said it was a must-see.
Hey, might as well be honest while you are at it!

Hey, you might as well be graceful about it.

Ah, maybe we should wait til they're done.
The police/army are so considerate.

We certainly need this sign in Malaysia ... car showrooms and Pavilion.

Awww ... shucks.

I heard it's protected by UNESCO.

Maybe the oven was broken?
I will definitely try that!!!

Cheap, fast & easy.
What an awesome gift for some of my friends the next time I travel to China.