Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things We Should Know & Embrace

Saw this from one of my blog links, An Undomesticated Blogspot, searched a bit more and found that there were tons of fascinating mini videos made by the same group. When you condense a lot of information into a few minutes, you have to make it witty, relevant and revealing for the WOW Factor ... these video have them all ... and I agree with the deeper implications of the basic truths they represent. Enjoy and embrace more clarity in your life.

WE ARE ALL FEMALE (so close ... yet so far yet so near, we all almost the same, so what to get so worked up over with gender bias and lifestyle choices ... same-same gene pool)

CAN MONEY BUY HAPPINESS (yes, of course, its the way you spend it)

THE POWER OF MUSIC (to me house music is not music, its torture chamber for Europeans)

THE POWER OF NAPS (just don't go past 30 minutes each time)