Friday, January 4, 2013

Marketocracy Portfolio Updated

Its been more than 3 years since I started my Marketocracy portfolio, so far pretty good considering the 40.98% return since inception. Thus my initial capital of US$1,000,000 has grown to US$1.41m. If you are trying to establish a long term portfolio track record, its not an easy task, there will be periods where your returns will be down because the sectors you have chosen may not be the flavour of the month. Hence the best measure of a long term portfolio is to benchmark against the S&P 500. Since 3 years ago, the fund has beaten the S&P 500 by 12.09%.

Value: $1,409,774.00Cash: -$1,114.35Stock Value: $1,410,888.35Total Shares: 100,000NAV: $14.10
Fund Performance for salvadordali's Mutual Fund  January 04, 2013

graph of fund vs. market indexes

SymbolLabelPriceSharesValuePortion of FundGainsTodayInception ReturnCurrent Return
NSRclick me$43.082,500$107,700.007.64%$40,145.57-0.23%59.43%59.43%Details TOP
STSIclick me$2.8225,000$70,500.005.00%$75,512.71-2.08%47.51%47.51%Details 
PVSWclick me$9.0313,550$122,356.508.68%$47,164.860.56%46.54%46.54%Details 
HESclick me$55.022,500$137,550.009.76%$28,436.601.51%26.06%26.06%Details 
Vclick me$156.771,500$235,155.0016.68%$21,479.210.81%7.36%23.17%Details MIDDLE
LVSclick me$51.191,500$76,785.455.45%$11,670.812.87%17.92%17.92%Details 
AIGclick me$36.302,200$79,860.005.66%-$12,021.530.33%-8.23%11.10%Details 
Fclick me$13.578,000$108,560.007.70%$115,525.200.82%42.92%9.21%Details 
Cclick me$42.433,000$127,289.409.03%$83,825.862.51%18.22%8.76%Details BOTTOM
WDCclick me$42.881,900$81,472.005.78%$5,342.25-0.33%7.02%7.02%Details 
FBclick me$28.767,000$201,320.0014.28%-$13,309.513.56%-6.20%-6.20%Details 
POTclick me$41.561,500$62,340.004.42%$12,771.181.51%6.73%-23.50%Details 

 recent returnsright curve
Last Week6.66%
Last Month8.22%
Last 3 Months12.28%
Last 6 Months11.35%
Last 12 Months27.18%
Last 2 Years-8.09%
Last 3 Years8.61%
Last 5 YearsN/A
Since Inception40.98%
Last Week4.59%
Last Month4.25%
Last 3 Months0.97%
Last 6 Months9.49%
Last 12 Months17.09%
Last 2 Years19.99%
Last 3 Years37.52%
Last 5 YearsN/A
Since Inception28.89%
Last Week2.07%
Last Month3.97%
Last 3 Months11.31%
Last 6 Months1.85%
Last 12 Months10.09%
Last 2 Years-28.08%
Last 3 Years-28.92%
Last 5 YearsN/A
Since Inception12.09%
left curve  alpha/beta vs. S&P500right curve
left curve  turnoverright curve
Last Month0.00%
Last 3 Months0.00%
Last 6 Months30.59%
Last 12 Months53.90%

Recent Transactions
Close DateTypeSymbolSharesNet Avg. PriceNet
Aug 9, 2012BuyAIG2,200$32.6719$71,878.27Details 
Aug 9, 2012SellWU3,500$17.5397$61,388.86Details 
Aug 1, 2012SellPVSW1,450$6.7504$9,788.12Details 
Jul 31, 2012BuyWDC1,900$40.0683$76,129.75Details 
Jul 31, 2012SellC1,000$27.0494$27,049.44Details 
Jul 27, 2012SellSNBC16,579$2.7035$44,821.19Details 
Jul 16, 2012BuyHES2,500$43.6454$109,113.40Details 
Jul 16, 2012BuyV1,500$127.276$190,913.96Details 
Jul 13, 2012SellPVSW2,219$7.3708$16,355.90Details 
Jul 13, 2012SellSTSI15,000$4.5614$68,420.58Details 
Jul 13, 2012SellC2,500$25.538$63,845.03Details 
Jul 2, 2012SellSNBC8,421$2.5564$21,527.27Details 
Jul 2, 2012SellSTSI20,000$4.7767$95,533.63Details