Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Songs That I Keep Going Back To

There are certain songs that you keep going back to, maybe they are not so popular now, heck, some were not even that popular then ... but these songs meant a lot to me. I never tire of hearing them, trouble is finding them, locating or even trying to download them properly in the first place.

There are songs that define a generation, I guess these songs defines me. These may be just pop songs with simple melodies and lyrics but they stayed with me.

The first one was an obscure hit back in the late 80s by one funnily named group called 1927. Every time I hear it, goosebumps, the soaring chorus and even cheesy lyrics but somehow it works ...

You Belong To Me was a major hit in the early 60s or late 50s I believe, the melody was very good but the way they sung it was too "big band Buble style". I always knew it needed to be toned down to a folk song for the lyrics and melody to shine through more. Kate Busby's rendition was spot on. Always mesmerising and reflective.

There was a movie that captured my imagination when I was pretty young. Its called Voices, a guy falling for a deaf girl, sounds formulaic but its not. The haunting theme song always brings me back to simpler times when good means good and bad means bad. The song is called I Will Always Wait For You by Burton Cummings.

My all time favourite song by The Beatles is a little known song by them, I Will. Ever since I heard it I was swooned by the purity of the melody, so simple, uncomplicated and the right lyrics. Funny thing was I even thought to myself that this would be the song to be played if ever I was to get married. The Beatles version was sublime, but Alison Kraus' version is even better with a long instrumental intro before letting the lyrics revel in the wondrous melody. Guess people will start using this song for their upcoming weddings after hearing about this from me ... sigh.

This is a quirky pick I know, many would not even consider John Travolta to be a singer but he was, and way before Saturday Night Fever and Grease, he did this wonderful movie based on a true story The Boy In The Plastic Bubble. The kid's body does not have an immune system and he has to live in a germ free platic bubble ... till he fell in love and risked it all breaking out of his bubble. Song written by Paul Williams, What Would They Say.