Monday, September 2, 2013

Go Watch "We Are The Millers"

Markets were slow, hence bummed around the malls and the only reason I would even watch We Are The Millers was because of Jennifer Aniston. My expectations were sooo low, thinking it would be another romantic comedy, a regurgitation of the usual plots.

Barely 10 minutes in, I realised this was a M or Adults only movie. The dialogue is refreshingly real, just as normal people would use foul language here and there, appropriately. Its a very very funny movie. There are plenty of laugh out loud and long scenes as well.

A wonderfully surprising, entertaining movie. The entire cast was very good and funny, watch for Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, the two teens. The entire movie cast looked like an ex-Saturday Night life crew and there more hits than misses. You must also catch the closing credits with the bloopers, you will love it.