Monday, July 8, 2013

A Different Burger Story - Wallop Pork Burgers

The whole of KL have been inundated with premium burgers, mainly beef burgers. We have My Burger Lab, Burgartory, etc... But everyone should know that pork burgers beat beef burgers anytime of the day. We have Ninja Joe, it is good but there are many things they could do better.

There is another decent pork burger place called Wallop, find KAYU Nasi Kandar and its in one of the shops. Again, they may not be as cool or spend heavily in design for the place, but they are sincere about their burgers.

Get the extra bacon ....

Bun 7/10
Pork patty 8/10
Condiments  6/10
Chips  6/10

There are a few things they could certainly improve on ... the cheese, get better cheeses. Besides normal bacon, provide crispy bacon as well. Must have french and english mustard on the side. Love the raw onions but should also have caramelised onions. To be fair, its more a mom and pop shop and they try hard. Give it a go.