Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lawan Tetap Lawan

Parliament Seats
In 2003, BN won 198 seats.
In 2008, BN won 140 seats.
In 2013, BN won 133 (+7)
In 2018, ????

State Seats
2008 - BN 344 vs 161
2013 - BN 275 vs 230 (PR +71) 

- We reduced the number of BN’s parliamentary seats by 7

- We have secured an enormous gain in State seats by 71

- We have driven home the point to Barisan that we are the rightful owner of the country

- We proved to MCA, Gerakan & MIC that they are irrelevant

- Perak & Terengganu almost made it 

- There are more people who voted for opposition. BN polled 5.220 million votes to Pakatan Rakyat’s 5.489 million

BN please take note of the kind of mandate you have secured, its not really 50-49. You know 

and I know with the phantom voters allegations, gerrymandering, vote buying  and vote stuffing 

allegations, the real figure should be somewhere in the region of 56-44, take note again of the

 kind of mandate you have secured.

Somebody mentioned that Gandhi took his fight for independence some 32 years while 

Mandela spent 27 years seeking justice and freedom. We are barely in our journey for 10 

years. Our time will come. We will still fight the "dirtiest election tactics" issues head on for now 

but know in our hearts where we are headed - the longer road, the road less travelled, the road

taken by heroes and those who champion the triumph of the human spirit.


Some of you commented that the nation is not ready to accept Pakatan or rather we have not 

convinced the rural heartlands in East Malaysia and pockets of Johor, Pahang and northern 

Malaysia. That may be true but only to a small extent. Its the Parliamentary seats 

gerrymandering ... it is quite ridiculous ... how can a constituency with 100,000 elect one rep 

and another with just 25,000 elect another??? Do you know how of these seats are there? 

We can call for Bershi 4.0 but we also know we have to work with a slanted playing field. I 

think the people's march towards a people's government is stronger than what most of you 

make it out to be. We are reaching the masses, its the convoluted and lopsided rules that 

make it seem that way.