Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nothing To Write Home About

Markets have been so mediocre that there has been nothing much to write home about. Investors and traders must have the mindset that its OK not to be buying or selling shares sometimes - we are not that brilliant that we MUST buy or sell shares all the time.

More than anything else, if your holding period is less than 6 months, the TREND IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, and in many instances, your only friend. If your holding period is less than 6 months, no amount of brilliant analysis or technical software will allow you to trump the market better, you need the TREND to be your friend. 

You will make more money by being silly and follow the trend when its bullish and pull out when it reverses. Trouble is too many know when to go in, but too many do not know when to go out especially when they are way in front. Making money from the market makes one think one is really smarter than they really are - and that is the truth time and time again.