Friday, March 16, 2012

CD Of The Year So Far

Winnie Ho has built up her repertoire well since winning the Astro singing competition many years back. Her resume include two quite brilliant albums under the guise of 2V1G, with master guitarist Roger Wang. I have been waiting for a long time for this to come out since Winnie did a few concerts dubbed as The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng. Those who have been to those concerts know fully well what I am talking about. While Teresa Teng has a very special place in most Chinese music lovers, some of her tunes do sound dated, nothing much she can do about it really.

The simply ingenious music arrangement by Tay Cher Siang basically shone a warm brilliant light on Teresa's songs. Coupled with Winnie's resonating yet layered vocals, we have a wonderful album indeed. You will hear and appreciate Teresa all over again, you will fall in love with both Teresa and Winnie, all over again.

Its always dangerous to do full covers of just one artiste, and one such as Teresa's stature which is numero uno to the max. Fittingly, Cher Siang also composed a song dedicated to Teresa's legacy called Songbird, exquisitely sung by Winnie.

There have been tons of tribute albums of Teresa's songs, and this one is so high up the top of the heap. Just so happens to be fully Malaysian made. HK and Taiwan critics who have heard are surprised and making inquiries to bring the album to HK and Taiwan. Get it before being told by your HK and Taiwanese friends how wonderful this album is (malu-la).

CD Rama (Popular Bookstores) is having their annual musical carnival at 1 Utama, go get Winnie's album at a discounted rate. CD Rama has strongly supported this album by procuring 3,000 copies (mind you, Jay Chou and Eason Chan only sell around 1,500 albums in Malaysia with each release). CD Rama is also having a big sale on the ground floor of the new wing, many wonderful albums going for just RM9.90 ... go see it to believe. Best buy has to be The Police's 3 discs set for RM9.90, which include 2 live concerts CDs and one DVD of their live performance (and I paid RM50 for the same thing 3 weeks back)!!!