Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wikinvest - Wikis Meet Investing

Here's an interesting cross-breeding of Internet technology and financial information: A wiki-style resource for investors called Wikinvest. In case the term is unfamiliar to you (other than Wikipedia, that is) a wiki is an Internet community where participants can load pages up on various topics and edit pages put up by others. Ideally, it serves as a self-editing source of information, where experts correct mistakes posted by those less informed. Wikinvest has the following areas:
  • Information on companies (0ver 2200 posted to date)
  • A Concepts section, covering topics ranging from industry-specific areas like Technology and the Internet and Energy to "Green Issues)
  • ACommodities section (i.e. metals, energy, grains, etc.)
  • An area coveringFunds and Indices (a handful of ETFs and 37 different indices, from the S&P to Baltic Dry Goods)
  • And, of course, Global Markets, ranging from interest rates to investing in Brazil.
It's not a source of data, but rather a collection of entries by various parties. An initial perusal of the site found some pretty good stuff, some absolute dreck, and everything in between (kind of like on Wikipedia).

HT: Christine Hurt at The Conglomerate